plumpy.mixins module

class plumpy.mixins.ContextMixin(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)[source]

Bases: plumpy.persistence.Savable

Add a context to a Process. The contents of the context will be saved in the instance state unlike standard instance variables.

CONTEXT: str = '_context'
property ctx
load_instance_state(saved_state: MutableMapping[str, Any], load_context: plumpy.persistence.LoadSaveContext)None[source]
save_instance_state(out_state: MutableMapping[str, Any], save_context: Optional[plumpy.persistence.LoadSaveContext])None[source]

Add the instance state to out_state. .. important:

The instance state will contain a pointer to the ``ctx``,
and so should be deep copied or serialised before persisting.