A python workflows library that supports writing Processes with a well defined set of inputs and outputs that can be chained together and nested.

RabbitMQ is used to queue up, control and monitor running processes via the kiwipy library.

  • Process can be remotely controlled by sending messages over RabbitMQ all from a simple interface

  • Process can be saved between steps and continued later

  • Optional explicit specification of inputs and outputs including their types, validation functions, help strings, etc.


It is recommended to install plumpy into a virtual environment:

$ pip install plumpy

or via Conda:

$ conda install plumpy

or to work directly from the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd plumpy
$ pip install -e ".[tests,docs]"

For remote controlled processes, you will also need to install and start the RabbitMQ server.

Getting Started

After you have successfully installed plumpy, you can walk-through the user tutorial to help you on your way.

The design concepts behind plumpy can be found in concepts section, and the complete API documentation is also provided.

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This software follows Semantic Versioning